No Time To Be Sick

Girl Scout Cookies How To Get Away With Murder

February 10, 2021

I am a mother. A mother of two. A mother who homeschools. A mother who keeps the house. A mother who cooks. A mother who runs her business. A mother who takes the kids to and from speech and gymnastics. I have many thing I do. Many things I do every day to keep my children, dogs, husband and house happy. 

But a mother is not allowed sick days. The past 3 days the children have been sick.  Lastnight my ears started to hurt and down along my jaw. I went to bed thought nothing of it. Today around noon my throat was sore. I fed the children lunch. Left them with my husband and went to urgent care

When I was about 9 years old I got Rheumatic Fever. Basically its when your body gets confused and attacks itself. Its brought on from Strep Throat. I had Aortic Mitral Valve damage done to my heart at the young age of 9. Because of this I have been trained to run to the doctor. Well, I tested positive for Strep today. This is the 2nd time in my entire 32 years I have had Strep. Now what? Do I have more heart damage? Is it normal Strep now? Lots of questions. 

But remeber no time for being sick when your a mom. Rather than being in bed I got to bring my 6 and 2 year old to the doctors for their own Strep test. The 6 year old cried. My 2yr old lol hes a foodie! After his sister got her test he BEGGED for his. He thought they fed her something. Lol He did his test like a champ. He was confused why there was nothing to chew lol 😆  Both their test came back negitive but our 6 year old has an ear infection. 

I get home get set up in bed and sure enough I get the text that her meds are ready. So I throw on some jeans. Leave my sag bags "loose" in my pj top and throw on my jacket. I had to go in because as if having Strep wasn't enough of an inconvenience..... mother nature decided to bless me with her presence. I am now in bed watching How To Get Away With Murder and eating Girl Scout Cookies. 

Judge away.... but this mom is content. Shout out to the moms that do not get sick days or time "off". We got this! Remember one day we will want all of this hot mess life back, when they are off at college. 

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