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January 20, 2021

Potty Training....

We all go through potty training. Stickers, lollipops, M&Ms, Cheerios. Singing potties, seat attachments, throne potties. EVERYTHING. But nothing really prepares you for your own "adventure" lol It's crazy how different your children can be in every aspect of life. My daughter was potty trained at 18 months old. My son we started at 18 months and he was going but he has a speech delay. A severe speech delay. He couldn't tell us he needed to go. So we stopped. We started back up. He is 90% potty trained.... YUP 90% lol He will go #1 and #2 on his own. But once you added pants or underwear or a pull up to the mix he goes in them. He still hauls his little booty to the potty and sits but doesn't take his underwear or pants, etc off. He is naked on the bottom half all day everyday unless we leave the house of course. I often wonder if this child will go through High School in his birthday suit. Just the lower half of thy suit of course. Do you think they will make an exception on the dress code for him? Asking as a concerned parent. In the meantime pass the wine



Dawn said:

Love this. All of your blogs are real. Perfect! I will be back for more.
Dawn with

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