March 11, 2021



Ever have one of those days where EVERYTHING goes wrong? Well, that was my Tuesday! Our son has been sick since Sunday. I wake up he feel warm to both myself and husband. Of course I couldn't find a thermometer anywhere! Things always grow legs when you have children, am I right? I throw shoes on and a jacket to cover up my sag bags (aka breasts) that are still in PJs to run to CVS and grab a thermometer before hubs has to leave for work. I pull in to CVS at 7:44am and they don't open till 8am. UGH!! So much for that quick trip. I run to Lowe's Foods with my d*mn mask while wearing my glasses. I borderline don't want to breathe so I can SEE lol This is why normally when I leave the house contacts are a MUST! Lowe's has ONE thermometer. That's fine one works! I grab it and run! He's late at this point. 

I walk in the front door. To find my adorable darling boy peed on the couch while I was gone. I take his temp.... he's fine. So here I am at 8am in my jammies cleaning the pee from my micro fiber couch. I now get the children and dogs fed. Shortly after around 10am I get a business email letting me know the order I placed last Monday was never sent to them due to a glitch in their shipping system. Everything I had ordered is SOLD OUT. I am crushed, ready to cry. Now to hunt for the pieces that were claimed. (I later got my lady friend, hence the waterworks)

I then get a text sayin the application for our fence installation was never received by the HOA. I know they received it because the tracking said they got it LAST Tuesday. While messaging back n forth about this and asking my son about animals he says POOP in a panicked voice. I tell him to go... and he's upset. Apparently he started going already. My phone hits the floor. I grab him under his arms and do the quick-slow run to the bathroom. Praying it doesn't hit the floor on our commute. We made it! His booty hit the potty and then it fell! thank goodness! Now that that mini heart attack is done... the HOA has located my application!

My husband calls and says he's on the way home. He knows it's been a day. he says "I am on my way home maybe you can relax and take a break when I get there". My response "no break for me". And that's the truth folks....

I am an at home mom, yes. I am also a cook, maid, nanny, repairman, nurse, landscaper, dog keeper, children keeper, the man child keeper (hubs) and I am also a business owner. 

With all the hats I wear I am still not perfect. I never will be. I am just the head clown in this crazy circus trying to juggle all the moving parts. Somedays are good, some are bad. The key is to take a moment then get up and move one. Try not to dwell on things. Because in that time when everything is falling apart it is only a moment in your life. A moment you will later look back on and laugh! 

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Homeschool Kinda Life
February 24, 2021

Homeschool Kinda Life

Who here is homeschooling? 🙋‍♀️


I feel most of the nation was FORCED to "homeschool" at some point during COVID. We or I actually homeschool our 6 year old. We pulled her from public school 3 weeks before our schools shut down for COVID last year. We pulled her for reasons other than COVID. I was debating on pulling her but a final straw happened and that was that. The teacher, teachers assistant and nurse all "forgot" to give ny at the time 5 year old her inhaler before gym class and recess. I found out only because my 5 year old told me. They didn't take her Asthma seriously. I was even told by the nurse that her asthma action plan from MUSC didn't mean anything that they treat all asthma students the same. 


ANYWAYS.... Homeschooling lol 😆 We homeschool. Id be lying if I told yoy I wasn't terrified. Because at 1st I was beyond terrified. Terrified I'd mess her up beyond fixing. I found an amazing support group and leaned on a friend who had been homeschooling her 2 boys for 2 plus years. 


We have some good days and bad days. But all in all we both enjoy it. She is now happy to learn again which she wasn't in public school. She also a year ahead on Math. No, surprise there as I use to enjoy math. Homeschooling is not what people were forced to do during the pandemic. Homeschooling is way more flexible than that. We can do a less at the park. A lesson while her brother is attending his speech therapy. Shoot today we did a lesson while I packages up clothing to ship out. 


Homeschooling is not for everyone, no. But it is something we do and we truly enjoy it. 

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Potty Training mom life
January 20, 2021

Naked for Life

Potty Training....

We all go through potty training. Stickers, lollipops, M&Ms, Cheerios. Singing potties, seat attachments, throne potties. EVERYTHING. But nothing really prepares you for your own "adventure" lol It's crazy how different your children can be in every aspect of life. My daughter was potty trained at 18 months old. My son we started at 18 months and he was going but he has a speech delay. A severe speech delay. He couldn't tell us he needed to go. So we stopped. We started back up. He is 90% potty trained.... YUP 90% lol He will go #1 and #2 on his own. But once you added pants or underwear or a pull up to the mix he goes in them. He still hauls his little booty to the potty and sits but doesn't take his underwear or pants, etc off. He is naked on the bottom half all day everyday unless we leave the house of course. I often wonder if this child will go through High School in his birthday suit. Just the lower half of thy suit of course. Do you think they will make an exception on the dress code for him? Asking as a concerned parent. In the meantime pass the wine

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