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February 04, 2021

COVID haircuts

Me again! 

I know COVID has changed the lives of many. My mom was 1 of the 30k laid off from Disney World. Thankfully she just got a job offer Yesterday and starts training March 1st! Thats almost a whole year not working! Like a few weeks shy of a year! 

Sebastian (2.5yr old) had his 1st Haircut at Disney World when he was 10 months old. His hair grows like crazy. He had an at home haircut during quarantine. It HAD to be done his hair was in his eyes. Poor baby. 

Well, Sebastian is due for another haircut. The local children's haircut place requires masks. No way is my 2.5yr old staying still in a seat with a haircut. So my boy is again rocking an at home haircut lol hopefully, come HS, when he's wearing pants (speak it in to existence lol) he will have a real cut. 

Anyone, else have to give the kiddos haircuts during COVID? SIDENOTE I have no experience or education on this lol 

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